About PFNY Designs

Full-Service Interior Design Firm

full service interior design firm

I started my journey in design while I was in school at Parsons in NYC, back in 2006. Although I didn't immediately start working, I took the initiative to register my business name at City Hall and obtained a Tax ID for resale. I decided to create a brand that was a play on the FDNY, taking my initials PF and incorporating the essence of NYC into it, thus giving birth to PFNY Designs.

While still in school during my last semester, I approached the "Builder of the Year" in Mystic, CT, who was working on a showhouse project. I offered to design for them, free of charge, in exchange for the invaluable experience. To my surprise, he accepted my proposal, and I was tasked with designing four bathrooms, including two main bedroom baths and two guest baths. Throughout my journey, I've primarily worked on my own, collaborating with talented subcontractors I've assembled over the years.

Building a team of skilled contractors was a significant achievement, something that new designers often struggle with. Our primary goal has always been simple: making quality design accessible to everyone. While it's possible to design on a tight budget, it can be more challenging, and that's where our expertise comes in.