Home Interior Renovation


An inefficient kitchen layout, an outdated master bath, a rarely used living room. When you think of your current space, you know exactly what needs to change. But how can you turn your whole house remodeling ideas into a tangible action plan? One of our experienced project developers will start by listening to your needs and goals and transform them into a custom remodeling plan that will guide you through the entire whole house remodeling process.

When you think of Renovating your home, it can be overwhelming and stressful.

Requires multiple talented contractors to do the work, Flooring ( wood, tiles, vinyl) Windows,Paint,Install Cabinetry.

PFNY Designs , over the years have made relationships with many talented contractors. PFNY DESIGNS calls on each of those needed, to help with the Renovations.This is not typical of an Interior Designer , per se, Its a unique business , PFNY Designs has acquired over the years.

The process begins with our initial visit. This is to determine, what we will be working with. You, may think, what do you mean?

Please note that, each home, depending on when it was built, could have hiccups and or other problems that may arise. As they pop up, IF they pop up, will be addressed with you on how to proceed. We will give you options, that are available to rectify.

References are available upon request.

Interior Design Services by PFNY Designs:

Interior Designers at PFNY Designs serves across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York