The Truth About Choosing Paint For Your Home

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Choosing the color to paint your home is not as easy as it sounds. As a professional interior design company, we see a lot of customers agonizing over choosing the right paint colors for their homes. Color is a very visible element of any design, and with so many different hues, finishes and treatments, it’s no wonder so many people are racked with indecision and feel such pressure to get it right. This is why PFNY Designs wants to help you take the angst out of choosing colors by hiring a paint consultant with us or whoever your designer is so that a professional can do it for you and do it right!

Reasons why choosing paint is hard
The hardest part about choosing paint for your home is finding a color that is easy on the eyes. Doing that isn’t as easy as it sounds, as there are various components to paint. One particular white is not always the correct white for your home. In my experience, I find many people have chosen a COLD white or stark white for their home without understanding them, and because it’s the wrong white, it can affect the aesthetic of your house. The finish of the paint is also hard to narrow down. Again, there are reasons for why one uses a particular finish, and there are multiple choices of finishes.

Similarly, color is psychological, and it can affect moods. You may not be aware of this and pick something that will affect your mood, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, to choose the best color and finish, you need to work with a professional who understands colors, finishes, and their impacts.

The takeaway
Call a designer and ask them if they do color consults as not all professionals in this field do color consults. Also, not all designers have the best eye when it comes to choosing colors. Some of us just have a natural ability with colors or have the experience that has taught us how to choose colors. As certified interior designers, our paint consultants eliminate the guesswork and guide you through the process of working the color wheel to achieve the results that you are seeking. A color consultation can make your life easier and will decrease the fear of color commitment. It can even prevent costly mistakes and give you peace of mind. Whether you are painting a room, remodeling a space, or looking to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, hiring a color consultant will save you time, money, and work and will help you achieve the look you want.

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