How To Update One Or More Rooms On A Budget

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Are you looking for an easy way to update your room? Do you have a limited budget? Well, as a professional interior designer at PFNY Designs, I can help you give your favorite room a new, fresh look while staying within your budget!

It’s amazing how you can transform your space with few simple strategies that cost no more than a few hundred dollars. So check out my inspiration for a quick and cheap weekend home improvement project.

I planned to paint my master bedroom, so I hired a painter. They painted the ‘Main wall’ navy blue, just the way I wanted it, with one coat of paint. But the next day, the painter didn’t turn up as he became sick. A few days passed, and I didn’t hear from the painter. So, you can understand my frustration as I hemmed and hawed and was unsure of what to do.

The walls in the master bedroom are uneven, with one side of the wall having two huge closets and the other wall has a small bookcase built-in. The room had two main walls, one partial and the other hardly any wall! So, there were a few technicalities involved that caused me to hold back from doing the job myself.

Finally, after months and a year of COVID restrictions, I decided to try the peel and stick wallpaper to cover up the walls. So I purchased shiplap from Wayfair. Through their website, Wayfair helps you calculate how many rolls you will need. I had a closet system going in, so that wall needed to be done first. With my partner’s help, it took us two hours, and it came out very well. It upped the appearance of our bedroom considerably, and we decided to put a line of chair railing with the bookcase and add this shipload on the lower part. I also got a second coat of navy on the headboard wall, and voila! It all cost me under $300 for the rolls.

So you see, there are many options you can try to do up your home on a budget. I found my style and price at Wayfair! Now, I am thinking creatively and may take on the end panels of my kitchen cabinets next!

If this is too expensive for you, then there are less expensive stick or peel wallpaper options elsewhere. However, the quality is not the same. My partner who helped me bought herself wallpaper from a store, and that’s nowhere near as good. But it was a more affordable option. That means there are peel-and-stick wallpapers out there for all! It just depends on where you purchase the peel and stick from. The type of design and paper quality also determines the cost of wallpaper.

If you’re looking to cut the cost of wallpaper, I suggest that you maintain one statement wall, then do all your walls. Make sure the walls are free from holes and cosmetic issues that could show through the paper. Also, try to have patience as you begin because you want to ensure the papers are stuck on correctly and do not overlap. Usually, modern wallpapers are removable, so you can’t make too many mistakes. Just pay attention to the outlets you have to cut out or around, and you should be able to carry out the job with ease.

If you need help to transforms any room, from drab to fab, reach out to me at PFNY Designs. I offer full-service interior design, bathroom design, kitchen design, home interior design, cabinet design, as well as custom woodwork through my partnership with Harrison Custom Woodworking. I serve clients across North Providence, Newport, Narragansett, Wakefield, North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Warwick, Westerly, Jamestown, Middletown, Rhode Island, Westport, Boston, Marion, Milton, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and the surrounding areas.

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