Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2021

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These are the big ones—don’t make the same mistakes previous homeowners did.

Granite is not the most requested any longer; now it’s quartz, quartzite and Corian and so many other solid-surface materials that are not granite are the most popular with marble, wood, and concrete as better options right now. Check out magazines, look up counters, watch Design TV. It’s not granite you’re seeing.

Kitchen Cabinetry

I work with an amazing and talented custom-cabinetry builder who emphatically told me, “No more white kitchens, I can’t build another.” Personally I don’t think it’s really ever going to go away. White is always pristine and clean. What’s hot now? Color and two-toned kitchens. Think maple and royal blue. Think maple and black. Think traditional cream and a dark companion. But don’t think cherry wood, this is so outdated even beyond being outdated.

We know it saves money and allows for endless creative expression, but kitchen DIYs? They’re a no-go. That includes everything from backsplashes to painted cabinets. Just don’t do it yourself. Hire a professional.

It’s been a long time coming, but we think farmhouse-style is on its way out in favor of clean-lined and incredibly modern-looking cabinetry. Think sleek, totally flat-faced panels. With less grooves and molding, they’re easier to clean.

A wall of open shelving is out in 2021. For most home cooks, it’s an unrealistic way to store glasses and dishes because of how much dirt and grime accumulates between uses. (Yes, even when things are constantly being used, washed, and put away.)

Short kitchen cabinets: Be

No more microwaves over the stove, and not on your counter. The only exception:, if it’s your very first apartment. It’s time for them to be built into the island. Islands are still a major piece in kitchens and getting larger and larger.

Open-concept kitchens may not be out entirely yet, but it’s something that is happening. With no walls people realized that they did in fact need them.

Speaking of farm-style kitchens, signs that are farmers’-market-like? No more.
It might be time to rethink the artwork hanging in your kitchen unless you truly like the look of a diner as your home kitchen.

Farmhouse sink…. Bye!

Appliance garages OUT! and big drawers are now how to store your large items, all off the counters.

Instead of industrial-looking appliances, black stainless is the popular option now. Get rid of stainless steel because there’s now a wide range of finishes available for your appliances. Yes, we know it’s considered a classic, but it’s practically impossible to keep clean. With all the other options out there (including panels that hide appliances altogether), why waste your time and energy trying to keep fingerprints off your stainless steel? Black stainless and slate didn’t even exist as options five years ago, and who knows what other finishes manufacturers will come up with next year and beyond?

Using smaller tiles on the backsplash, Look for larger tiles – they create fewer grout lines.

Large hardware is out!

Cool gray paint is everywhere. I am so tired of cool gray, but if you explore paint colors, look for warm grays with undertones to freshen up the gray. It’s a new look that is still neutral. Use a warm white with the warm gray.
Yes, colors are either warm or cool. And it makes a difference in how the color looks.

Wood floors are gorgeous. They take a lot to maintain. I will not say they will go out of style, but note that the tiles that now look like every type of wood are much easier to maintain and are friendlier on the wallet.

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