Common Mistakes People Make With Interior Design

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To design an aesthetically pleasing home, every minute element has to work together in harmony. For you to achieve this, you need to obtain the right balance and establish a focal point on all visual features in the room, find a suitable theme, and then ensure every piece is placed perfectly. However, as a first-timer designing a space, you may not know where to begin, or you might go overboard matching various styles and accessories, which could only result in the rooms looking heavily cluttered and uninviting. To help you avoid basic design errors that could lead to unfortunate outcomes, PFNY Designs has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make with interior design.

1. Choosing DIY interior design
We have come across many homeowners thinking that they could redesign their home’s interiors by themselves. The DIY approach is often chosen because it is believed that doing the task yourself will save money. Sadly, these homeowners are unaware of the functional and technical aspects of interior design. They usually watch HGTV to find the best home improvement ideas, then execute them without knowing the ins and outs and the pitfalls that only a designer knows after years of working in this industry.

2. Choosing the wrong paint, color, and finish
This design error can be super frustrating for most designers. When we are contacted to correct such mistakes, we may or may not take on a project. So, before you take on a paint job for your home, it’s best to ask an interior designer for help beforehand. This will help you avoid any additional costs and wastage of time in correcting mistakes.

3. Measuring window treatments incorrectly
There are a couple of ways to measure a window treatment. To know which method to use, one needs to find out if it’s an inside or outside mount or whether they have the correct window for one or the other. If a client isn’t aware of these details, then they must make sure to find a business that offers measuring and installation, it might cost a little more to enlist their services, but in the end, it’s worth the expense.

4. Buying the wrong sized furniture
Most homeowners make a prevalent mistake by buying expensive furniture before knowing if it will actually fit or work in their space. This is a tough situation, and as interior designers, we can fix or return this furniture if it wasn’t a special order. But, if it was a special order, then the client is most likely stuck with it. They could always sell the piece and start over, but this will be tedious, time-consuming, and they may not even sell it at the same price.

5. Not hiring a professional to help
Hire a designer is worth it in the long run. It also helps to look for a designer that is easy to connect with and has a positive personality. On average, these consultants will offer a one to two-hour consultation, which is affordable. In that time, they will provide clients with valuable advice so they can make better design decisions that they love.

To avoid these and other mistakes when designing your home, reach out to the experts at PFNY Designs. As a full-service interior design company, we have been creating livable and extraordinary homes for clients. We assist them in planning, designing, and executing to create beautiful and aesthetically pleasing spaces. We are also partnered with talented architects, builders, artisans, and tradesmen to create unique rooms and homes.

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