15 Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors to Make Your Space Shine

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15 Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirrors to Make Your Space Shine

When it comes to selecting a light fixture to hang over your bathroom mirror, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options from which to choose. Whether it's installing wall sconces or hanging pendants, some additional lighting over your mirror will help brighten your space and daily routine.

No matter your style, there's truly an over-the-mirror lighting option for everyone. Below, we're sharing 15 of our favorite bathrooms with stellar lighting setups that are sure to turn heads.

1.Go Glam With a Gold Pendant

This powder room is full of energy already given that it's full of leopard print wallpaper and boasts a funky mirror, so there's no reason the lighting shouldn't be just as exciting.

This gold and glass pendant contributes to the bathroom's glam, sophisticated look, and its petite size ensures it does not overpower the already busy space.

2.Opt for a Versatile Globe Light

Globe lights are extremely versatile and complement a wide range of aesthetics. Here, a sconce in that style looks right at home above a contemporary round mirror. The see through bulbs ensure that the fun wallpaper pattern is still visible at all angles.

3.Try This Stylish Symmetrical Approach

When designing a bathroom with a double vanity, most people opt for a symmetrical setup. These glass and brass sconces are modern and chic and complement the gold hardware used throughout the space.

4.Mix Your Metals

Don't be afraid to mix materials in your bathroom—even if your faucet and hardware is one color (in this case, black), you can certainly enjoy pops of white and gold, as exemplified by the addition of this stylish fixture.

5.Make It Sculptural

Craving something a bit different than your usual sconce? Go sculptural with a light fixture like this one, which hangs down and essentially doubles as a work of art. It's small space friendly without being cookie cutter.

6.Pay a Nod to Nautical Style

Here's another example of a sweet symmetrical setup. This bathroom subtly embraces nautical style with the wavy blue and white wallpaper and rope mirrors. The matching setup is perfect for roommates or couples alike.

7.Stick With a Classic

The traditionalist will fall head over heels for these silver sconces, which are timeless and full of charm. They're extra perfect for a grandmillennial-style enthusiast.

8.Mix Modern and Traditional Styles

Gold and white globe lighting prevents this cute pink and white bathroom from appearing too frilly and it plays off of the drawer pulls nicely, too.

9.Introduce Mid-Century Elements

Pay a nod to mid-century modern style by using sconces featuring Edison bulbs—we're all about a retro throwback, and these look beautiful in this simple, elegant bathroom.


10.Keep It Minimal

Not one for over-the-top design? There's nothing wrong with going the minimalist route. This black and glass sconce takes up little visual space yet is still nice and functional.


11.Play Off of the Ceiling Color


A small, singular hanging pendant light blends well with both the ceiling and sink color in this industrial-style bathroom which contains a gorgeous exposed brick wall.


Given that adhering light fixtures to an exposed brick wall can be challenging, it's smart to opt for a piece that hangs from the ceiling instead.

12.Don't Forget to Incorporate Texture

These clear ribbed lights add an unexpected decorative touch—as well as lots of textural intrigue—to this neutral bathroom.

13.Look to Your Living Room for Inspo

If you like the look of a classic gold picture light in the living room, consider carrying the style over into the bathroom. The gold color really pops against the green patterned wallpaper and tile and adds a traditional, English-inspired touch to the space.

14.Keep Your Space Consistent

The light fixtures hanging above this sink are smaller-scale versions of the larger pendant that is seen over the tub. Sticking with the same style of fixture throughout a space will instantly make it appear cohesive.

15.Think Industrial and Adjustable

Industrial sconces like these are generally adjustable, meaning you can ensure the light hits you just right as you stand in front of the mirror applying your makeup each morning.

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